New prize for contemporary art presented in Burgau. ‘Emma’ awarded to Jette van der Lende – the artist Drapela granted the new prize: a bronze sculpture worth € 3.500 and a price in the value of 30.000 Euro. Graz – In Burgau, Austria, the ‘European Masters of Modern Art’ (Emma) was awarded last weekend. The Norwegian artist Jette van der Lende carried off first prize. The second prize was accepted by Lalo Skralovic from Bosnia-Herzegovina, whereas the third prize was shared by Lucio Greco from Italy and Alois Mattersberger from Austria. About 60 artists, who also made up the jury, had entered the competition. The winner was awarded a bronze sculpture worth € 3,500 and a price in the value of 30.000 Euro.The ‘Visitors Award, € 3.500, went to Elisabeth Reindl, the only participant of the federal province of Steiermark. The prize was set up by the 83 years old painter Franz Drapela, who was born in Vienna and has lived in Neulengbach (Niederösterreich) for thirty years.

WOCHE BILDPOST – 11th May 2007

Mr Gregor Löffler, mayor, and Mr Franz Majcen (Landtagsabgeordneter), congratulated Jette van der Lende, who was awarded the Emma 2007 in Burgau for her photorealistic still life. Emma 2007 consisted of contemporary art. The Norwegian Jette van der Lende is the winner of the ‘European Masters of Art 2007’ in Burgau. Together with the Franz Drapela’s private foundation the municipality of Burgau took the initiative to put up the highest award of the modern world of art, the Emma 2007, at the end of a joint exhibition of 60 artists from 33 different countries. Frank Hoffmann added lustre to the stylish vernissage with the choir of Burgau providing a musical touch. The height of the event was the award of the desired prize to Jette van der Lende, a bronze sculpture of dancing people carrying Europe in the form of a pillar, thus picturing the border-crossing alliance, by the Austrian artist Josef Lederer. The exhibiting artists themselves made up the jury, which chose the Norwegian Jette van der Lende as the winner. Visitors were also asked to select their favourite piece of art, which resulted into the Visitors Award going to Elisabeth Reindl from Bad Gleichenberg. Erich Drapela, art connoisseur and responsible for this significant exhibition in Schloss Burgau, awarded certificates of appreciation to three participating young talented artists. Mr Löffler, mayor of Burgau, intends to bring the Emma-Award 2009 as an edifying art activity to Burgau again.


Østlandets Blad, written by Ole Endresen 2007.05.12. 
The artist Jette van der Lende from Greverud went to the top in the European EMMA-biennale. The participating artists voted her oil paintings to 1.prize. GREVERUD What might be the countries most secret 'European master' is living very withdrawn in Oppegård, at least compared to most European Masters. The European Masters of Modern Art (EMMA) have very little attention in Norway, but the bronze-sculpture the prize-winner got was a master worthy. THE WINNER PAINTING This is one of the paintings that won Jette van der Lende the first EMMA-biennale. Title: Contraria contrariies curantur. COLLEAGUES CHOSE FOR JETTE Great fun, says Jette van der Lende, who takes the distinction as acknowledgement from European colleagues. More than 50 artists from more than 30 countries presented their work on this first EMMA, arranged in Burgau in Austria, which ended last weekend. Is it possible to compete within art? Really I would like to say no to that question. For me it was a bit different as the artists were the jury. They were to vote and rank the artworks without voting for themselves. The artist getting the most votes in the end was elected the 'EMMA'2007. Because it was the first EMMA-biennale it was a historical moment and a lot of fun that Norway got the winner, says Jette van der Lende. MODERN ART She received 1.prize in Wassershloss Burgau, were the prize ceremonious was handed over by the mayor. The 8 kilo bronze-sculpture was made by Josef Lederer, a local artist. The initiative to this biennale was taken by the well-known, 83 year old, Austrian artist Franz Drapela and his son Eric Drapela who accomplished this event in his fathers’ spirit. The biennale is directed at modern artists and cover all artistic expression. Following Van der Lende and taking second place was an artist from Bosnia-Hercegovina, whilst an Italian and an Austrian shared the bronze. Jette van der Lende participated with two oil paintings, a kind of still-life from everyday things, like an open purse with money and a book with glasses on top. The format and perspective makes the motives far from the photographic representation. 30.000 EURO After I got home, I received a message from Franz Drapela saying he wanted the winner to get a money prize as well. I choose to exchange the money for a painting by Franz Drapela, named 'Birth of space and time', says Jette van der Lende, who is invited to the biennale in 2009 to hand over the prize to the next winner.